Common: to 2 pounds
Closed Season: None
Size Limit: 12″ pinched tail
Bag Limit: 10 per person
Florida Record: n/a

Body color brown, its shade depending on color of bottom, with numerous spots and blotches:3 prominent eye-like spots forming a triangle; one spot on lateral line, one above, one below; numerous white spots scattered over body and fins (albigutta, white spotted); strong canine-like teeth; caudal fin in shape of wedge, its tip in the middle.Game Qualities: Flounder, once hooked, are very strong. Since they are flat shaped they suction cup to the bottom or flare up, making them harder to pull through the water.

Fishing Tips: Flounder are found on top of sand bottom. They can be found on small sand patches on the flats as well. The key to fishing for flounder is fishing on the bottom. Good baits for flounder include, Shrimp and small White Baits like Greenbacks and Threadfins. Artificial baits include small jigs that are fished close to the bottom.

Food Value: Flounder of any size are great eating if filled right. The bigger the flounder, the better the meal.

You’ve Gotta Try Captain Brian’s Flounder: Take your flounder and place on a buttered baking dish or cookie sheet. Then spoon some mayonnaise of top and spread out in a thin layer. Then sprinkle with the breadcrumbs, parsley and salt and pepper. Turn flounder over and repeat on the other side. Place in oven and bake for 6 minutes.

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