Common: to 8 pounds
Closed Season: None
Size Limit: 18″ – 27″ pinched tail
Bag Limit: 1 per person
Florida Record: 51lbs., 8ozs.

Chin without barbels: copper-bronze body, lighter shade in clear waters; one to many spots at base of tail (rarely no spots); mouth horizontal and opening downward; scales large.Game Qualities: These fish are one of the best fighting fish that can be caught inshore. When they are hooked, they will bull dog their way towards almost any available structure in order to snap you off.

Fishing Tips: These fish are usually found on flats, around docks, bridges, and passes during the spawning season. These fish can be caught on shrimp, almost any type of baitfish, small crabs such as blue crabs and Redfish can be caught on any artificial bait that resembles any of the baits above. They can grow to huge sizes exceeding 20+ pounds, especially the big bull redfish.

Food Value: Small ones, below 10 pounds, are of fantastic food value. Be careful, when they get big, they tend to be wormy.

You’ve Gotta Try Captain Rick’s Roasted Reds: Cook ingredients about 90 minutes on a slow fire in a 2 quart saucepan. Stir to keep from sticking. Put fish in a roasting pan and inside of pan with ingredients. Baste fish about every 15 to 20 minutes. Cook on pit for 45 minutes to hour. Add salt pepper to taste. DO NOT COVER POT!

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