Common: to 4 pounds
Closed Season: None
Size Limit: 12″ to fork
Bag Limit: 15 per person
Florida Record: 12lbs.

Color of back green, shading to silver on sides, golden yellow irregular spots above and below lateral line: front of dorsal fin black; lateral line curves gently to base of tail.Game Qualities: Mackerel are one of the speediest fish around, and they will rip out tons of line in seconds. Make sure to fish with a high line capacity reel.

Fishing Tips: Spanish Mackerel are a pelagic species. They are fast swimming fish and will pull out lots of line. They can be caught on greenbacks, and glass minnows. They can also be caught on artificial spoons and small plugs.

Food Value: Mackerel provide outstanding table fare and are better if bled immediately and the blood line removed.

You’ve Gotta Try Captain Dan’s Marinated Mackerel: Marinate fillets in Italian dressing for two or three hours. Remove from marinade and cook in microwave on high for six minutes or in 400 degree oven for five or six minutes each side till done. Serve with salt, pepper, lemon juice and your favorite seafood condiments.

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