Common: to 70 pounds
Closed Season: None
Size Limit:
Bag Limit: 2 fish posession,
Tag Required, contact DMFM
Florida Record: 243lbs.

Last ray of dorsal fin extended into long filament: one dorsal fin; dark blue to green or greenish black, shading into bright silver on the sides; may be brownish gold in estuarine waters; huge scales; mouth large and point upward.Game Qualities: These fish are EXTREMELY good fighters with attitude. They are known for their enormous jumps, which is where the saying “Bow to the King.” comes from. The bigger specimens take a while to land due to their size and fighting ability.

Fishing Tips: Tarpon are arguably the most fished for species in Tamp Bay. Their shear size makes them a formidable opponent. They are caught on large baitfish, such as greenbacks, threadfins, pinfish, shrimp, and especially pass crabs.

Food Value: Tarpon should not be kept. They have a horrible food value and are very bony.

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